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We provide the best legal services in Sydney

We are passionate about you, your property, your business, and our relationship with you. We are here to help you on your business and investment journey, whether it is:

  • Buying your first property or family home
  • Buying your next investment property, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial
  • Structuring your first business, including incorporating your new company, setting up your unit and discretionary family trust
  • Leasing your first office or retail premises
  • Sourcing your first business/commercial loan from the bank
  • Developing your first property development site
  • Buying and selling your business
About Us

We are here with you every step of the way

To be effective your lawyer don’t just need great legal skills, they also need to understand you, your plan, your business and the industry you operate in.

At Biz Lawyers & Advisory we are experienced property and commercial lawyers/solicitors based in Sydney CBD, and we get better results because we take the time to know you, your plans and goals, what’s possible and the best way to achieve it.

We are here to help

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