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Family Provision Claims

If you feel like you haven’t been left enough and want a fairer distribution of the estate – a family provision claim can be lodged. In order to do this, you must be regarded as an eligible person (i.e. a spouse, de-facto partner, child of the deceased, dependent of the deceased, member of a household) under the Family Provisions Act 1982 (NSW).

Generally, once eligibility has been established, the legal test that is applied in family provision applications is:

  • Whether there is adequate provision for the applicant’s proper maintenance, education and advancement in life under the Will of the deceased or the intestacy rules; and
  • If so, what if any, provision ought to be made out of the estate in favour of the applicant.

A claimant for family provision must act promptly as strict time limits apply. In New South Wales, a claim for family provision must be filed within twelve months from the date of death of the deceased.

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