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Dispute Resolution and Debt Recovery

Despite our best efforts to avoid it, disputes amongst parties will arise from time to time. Depending on the quantum of the disputed amount or the nature of the dispute, different laws and procedures may apply. The complexity of the dispute may also lead to excessive delay and unnecessarily high costs. As such, it is always highly recommended that appropriate legal advice be sought to alleviate the stresses and uncertainties that accompany a dispute.

Our team of lawyers have an excellent track record in helping clients resolve their legal disputes and protecting their interests. Here at Biz Lawyers & Advisory, we believe in helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their case at the most efficient cost. This includes utilising alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation or arbitration which are normally quicker and overall cheaper than formal litigation (i.e. the process of going to court).

We offer the following services in general and commercial litigation:

  • Advice regarding potential claims against you
  • Acting against a Defendant
  • Representation before all courts, tribunals and mediators
  • Advising and assisting with enforcement of judgments and cost orders
  • Advising on risk management in litigious matters and transactions
  • Drafting Letters of Demand in insolvency, corporate liquidation and debt recovery matters
  • Negotiation and settlement

Whether you are a business owner, an organisation or simply someone seeking advice on a matter of dispute, we are here to help. For further assistance or advice with dispute resolution, contact us today.

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