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Despite our best efforts to avoid it, disputes amongst parties will arise from time to time. Depending on the quantum of the disputed amount or the nature of the dispute, different laws and procedures may apply. The complexity of the dispute may also lead to excessive delay and unnecessarily high costs. As such, it is always highly recommended that appropriate legal advice be sought to alleviate the stresses and uncertainties that accompany a dispute.

Our team of lawyers have an excellent track record in helping clients resolve their legal disputes and protecting their interests. Here at Biz Lawyers & Advisory, we believe in helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes for their case at the most efficient cost. This includes utilising alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation or arbitration which are normally quicker and overall cheaper than formal litigation (i.e. the process of going to court).

We offer the following services in general and commercial litigation:

  • Advice regarding potential claims against you
  • Acting against a Defendant
  • Representation before all courts, tribunals, and mediators
  • Advising and assisting with enforcement of judgments and cost orders
  • Advising on risk management in litigious matters and transactions
  • Drafting Letters of Demand in insolvency, corporate liquidation, and debt recovery matters
  • Negotiation and settlement
  • Advice on resolving franchise disputes

Whether you are a business owner, an organisation or simply someone seeking advice on a matter of dispute, we are here to help. For further assistance or advice with dispute resolution, contact us today.

How Can We Help You

Our specialised lawyers have a commendable track record in analysing the various viable options for resolving commercial disputes or debt recovery and guide our clients to choose the most appropriate solution. We provide them with different types of advice for improvement in their resolution and recovery practices for the future.

  • Our time-worn experience has helped us to offer full-fledged support to our clients on dealing with the various complexities involved in debt recovery or resolution of business disputes. We help our clients in issuing summons and final notices, apply for the enforcement processes as well as judgments, lodge caveats, as well as investigate the ability of judgement debtor to fulfil a judgment.
  • We leave no stone unturned to follow a pragmatic and clear approach for resolving the different types of commercial disputes your company might be facing and ensure that your business interests and objectives are well taken care of. Our aim is always to settle your disputes by making the legal proceedings as simple as possible for you.
  • We understand the value of time and always try to deliver accountable results within a specific timeframe and ensure that you become able to make the right move at the right time. We also make sure that you get regular updates on the ongoing progress of the case, thereby allowing you to stay well-informed.
  • We always provide our clients with a transparent fee structure so that they can be sure of all the charges for our advice on different types of business disputes and conflicts. This in turn, help our clients to act in a well-planned way without exceeding their budget.

Solve Franchise Disputes Effortlessly with Our Experts

Alike every kind of business, conflicts are meant to arise in case of franchise partnerships. Usually, there are no such chances of any conflict of opinion or franchise disputes if both the franchisors and franchisees agree to work as per the ideal set of individual objectives as well as combined organisational goals. The franchisors are held responsible mainly for growth and strength of the business while, the franchisees are accountable for growth and operations of the individual franchise units. When all these goals seem to be compatible with both the parties working in the same direction, the collaboration is expected to be quite fruitful, but the trouble occurs when, their ideas or focus conflict with each other.

What Are the Different Types of Franchise Disputes

Disputes are something that might arise due to improper conduct of both the franchisors and franchisees. Some of the most common types of disputes you can observe in franchising partnerships are:

  • Failure of franchisees in meeting the performance standards
  • Failure of franchisees to follow the uniform processes
  • Using or disclosing confidential information or customer information by the franchisees
  • Failure to pay the franchise fees
  • Failure of franchisors to give adequate support to franchisees
  • Increasing the fees as mentioned in the Franchise agreement by the franchisor
  • The franchisor forcing the franchisees to incur unexpected capital expenditure
  • The franchisor initiating substantial changes in the business model which, is being imposed on franchisees

Delivering Proactive Solutions for Promising Results

Unnecessary franchise disputes might lead you as a franchisor or franchisee to face some serious distraction in the process of performing your responsibilities diligently. They can be extremely destructive for the entire business as well. Keeping in mind about such adverse consequences, we try to manage these conflicts while adhering to the terms and conditions stated in the franchise agreements including Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchising Code of Conduct as well as the general legal implications to derive best results.

At Biz Lawyers & Advisory, we have the best legal minds, a robust research and methodology framework, and adequate resources to help you in resolving the different types of disputes or conflicts you might deal with in the course of operating a business. Hence, without any further hesitation, feel free to reach our skilled attorneys and allow us to equip you with a tailored legal solution.

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